Dedicated and Loyal


Valiantdale Kennels has been in existence since the mid 1960’s.

We specialize in Solid Black and Black & Silver German Shepherds.The purpose of my breeding program is to maintain the old fashioned German Shepherd of the 1960’s. Less angulated than today’s American show dogs and with working ability.  I strive for a more sensitive and compliant dog than the “hard” European imports.


I believe that the German Shepherd Dog was intended to be like the Arabian Horse; an animal of great versatility.  The German Shepherd Dog is not intended to be a specialist in one particular field, but a general practitioner of many talents.

Kathy Watson

Working German Shepherds


My goal is to produce a large dog of flashy color, great substance who is well balanced both physically and mentally.  Furthermore, a sensible dog with a strong natural drive which makes a good candidate for any type of training.

Proven Performance

what our owners say

Martha King-Clark and Stephen Clark

We have known Kathy Watson and her dogs for almost 40 years. We have had six beautiful dogs from this kennel.

Each one has proven to be not only a beautiful example of fine breeding but the most loyal and obedient German Shepherd possible.

They have each been healthy, easy to train, and have become an important part of our family. They are very protective and yet friendly to our friends and neighbors.

We will always get the best shepherds from Valiantdale.

Jim Hagberg

We bought our first Valiantdale puppy back in 1989. He was the son of Icon and was an all black that we named Igor. Igor was a valued member of our growing family for over 11 years.

In 1996 we bought our first female and named her Greta. She was an all black beauty and was also a great family member. Greta is remembered as a great canoe dog. She went on many trips into the BWCA with my sons and I. Greta lived a very healthy life and was with us for 14.5 years.

In 2000 we bought our second male and named him Hoss. With that big head he reminded us of Hoss Cartwright He was such a big loveable guy. We lost him early to stomach bloat one night.

In 2003 we bought our third male. He was a black and cream color and very smart and loyal. We named him Gustaf (Gus) and it became clear very quickly he was no normal dog. Gus and I started in obedience and right off he started taking first places everywhere we went. He earned a AKC Utility Dog Title and his CKC UD Title. He had an instinctive drive when we started sheep herding that was just a joy to watch. He was always so proud of himself. Gus was also a very healthy dog and lived to over 14 years.

In 2010 we bought our second female from Valiantdale and named her Henrietta (Hedy) Hedy is still working on her tracking Title. She earned her AKC UDX Title at 5 years and her CKC UD at 6 years. Hedy attended the German Shepherd Nationals and took a second place against the countries best GSDs.

When Gus died we got our current male Coal. Coal is all black and has earned his CD Title and is working in Open at this time. He is one large bundle of love. He just cant get close enough to us.

I would say that Valiantdale Kennels and Kathy Watson has brought over 30 years of joy and happiness to me and our family.

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Koda, a solid black daughter of Diesel CDX has a litter born 3/24/23 sired by Magnum CGC, a son of Luger CDX.

There are 8 males and 2 females all predominantly black with silver trim.

Please contact me at (918) 425-7345 for additional information.



Large solid black male, 3 years old. Obedience trained and out of Czech and German lines.

Please contact me at (918) 425-7345 for additional information.